GameDev log #2

Today’s subtitle can be called When everything gets a lot harder.

Game of Spoons

The sole reason for that subtitle is this game. At the beginning I thought that it would be small, simple and fun project but it is turning into a bit of hell. At first I wanted to use Electron but that thing is very badly documented and there aren’t many tutorials for it. I could learn the API to the last detail but that’s not the point of this project. If someone paid me to do it why not but this way Java can create multi-platform applications too. So now I am going to research different styles for Java’s UI.

Current status: I have a paper prototype which needs a lot of testing.

Two iOS games

I have made assets for both games but I am not sure if the hand-drawn  style is what I want. I’ll start writing the code behind both games and then I’ll decide if it is worth it to redo those assets or not.

Current status: Might need to redo assets, pre-code.