GameDev log #1

Disassembled dice

Currently I have three games in different stages of development. One is HTML and JavaScript based and the other two are for iOS.

Game of spoons

Game of spoons is a text based game where player goes through a day and tries to go through a day without depleting all spoons. I have picked Electron platform because I want it to be multi platform game. At the moment I am behind math stage and now I can start coding and creating visual assets.

This game I started after being exhausted from a trip to Toronto without any prior planning.

Two iOS games

Neither has at the moment name. I am doing them at the same time because I plan to reuse parts of code and visual assets in both of them. One is a simple obstacle avoidance game and the other “game” utilizes NeuroSky Mindwave.

I use “game” because I am not sure if I want to have there a score. I want to create a meditative tool and game like appearance is something I would like use.