Fuzzie/Techie blend

Box and fuzzy things

People are usually divided into two groups, those who like technology, math and physics and those who don’t like them at all and prefer humanities. The former are called techies and the latter fuzzies. Personally I hate this dichotomy.

This division has to stop now or preferably sooner because it hurts people. It has hurt me a lot and made me ashamed in the past when people have put me down in the box and later found me riding an origami frog. People aren’t one dimensional.

I apologize for math speak in the next couple of paragraphs but tech skills and non-tech skills aren’t on same axis. Tech and non-tech skills are actually orthogonal, they are independent of each other.

Think about all the technical skills, they are independent of each other but they have common language and that’s math and commonly used natural language. Being good at computer science doesn’t mean that the same person will be great at mechanical engineering. And yet we lump both into techie’s space and make both the same.

The same we do with humanities, there is a common language and that’s the natural language(s) and different domain specific languages like musical notation or IPA. I am not familiar with all specific domain languages in arts and humanities I am only fluent in Copic color codes and pencil hardness scale.

These days it is necessary for techies to embrace the fuzzie’s side, be it technical writing or learning languages. A lot of so called techies should embrace drawing because it is easier to draw something up even in software engineering than to talk about it for hours.

For so called fuzzies, don’t be afraid to learn tech. It’s not that hard as it looks and we need you because a lot of us doesn’t think about what we are building in the long-term.

I may not agree with Hayao Miyazaki that often but before starting making anything we should explore the world and learn about things1. For that person needs to shed the one dimensional box and start being a human.

  1. In Starting Point 1979 – 1996 he explains that before trying to draw generic airplane animator should read all about airplanes, preferably before they start their career in animation.