Fonts designed for dyslexic people

There are couple of fonts out there which are designed for people with dyslexia apart from standard recommendation of sans serifs. Most of these fonts are sans serifs, there’s one serif and one symbolic font.


Dyslexie is a commercial font

Eulexia & Open Dyslexic

These two fonts are open source and they are made by same author. Both are thick near the baseline.

Lexia Readable

Lexia is another commercial font. Lexia is Comic Sans-like compared to previous fonts which try to modify typical sans serif fonts

Sylexiad Sans & Sylexiad Serif

Sylexiad fonts are commercial. This is the only font I could find which offers both serif and sans serif version of the font.


AlphaSymbolic font is an odd duck because it doesn’t use roman letters. AS uses symmetric symbols which are describe here.

Personal note

In a paper Good fonts for dyslexia authors came to the conclusion that specially designed font (Open Dyslexic) is not significantly better or worse than sans serif fonts they tested. What I am curious about is computer and paper comparison of the fonts. On paper I have higher problems reading sans serifs than serif but on the screen it depends on number of factors, from my observations the line height is the most important one.

If you plan to use one of these somewhere, please, keep in mind that dyslexia doesn’t affects different people differently. The paper mentioned in previous paragraph talks about sans serif fonts are good for dyslexic people but I’m one dyslexic person who has problems sans serif. These fonts aren’t the silver bullet. Also there’s at least one dyslexic person who doesn’t like dyslexic fonts, not me.