Find the time

Time-Space Continuum example

Time and energy are two things which are hard to find. It doesn’t matter what we do, work will fill our time regardless1. Since starting a full-time job, time and energy have been quite hard to find but I think I have a solution.

The solution is: Use your time the way it suits you.

As an early riser among owls I have a hard time. Every one will tell you to work late at night after a day-job if you want to freelance or to write some code for your side project. But the truth is I can’t do that. I tried to do it in January and I failed miserably. Not only I had problems doing anything, I was half dead during the weekends too because I’ve been up sometimes until midnight trying to make something.

Side note: The fact that I am writing this around 2am in the morning does not invalidate this post. I have a lot on my mind and sleeping is an impossible task.

I do the best work between 6:00 and 9:00 in the morning. When I am not working during that time or at least part of it I am throwing away a precious sweet spot. My 9:30-6 day job doesn’t use this time because I am surrounded by night owls¬†and there are a lot of days when I can’t start working until one of them shows up.

Last week my first attempt was more or less success but I will need to make better estimates when it comes to getting to the day job, buses aren’t that reliable if you have to walk to them and the side walk is covered with ice. First on my list to start learning is Laravel, a PHP framework. It was an interesting experience because:

  • I haven’t seen back-end/middleware since dropping out of graduate school
  • in the evening I would have just postponed trying to learn it

My plans for next week are to utilize that time a lot more, possibility of getting up at 5:45am is appealing more than enough because in the past I was able to do in that short time week’s worth of work.