Finally found an editor

I have finally found a text editor I like. I am a little bit ashamed to admit this, but it took me a really long time. The first editor, notepad and T602 don’t count, I tried to use even before I knew how to code was Vim. If my memory is reliable I restarted whole computer because I couldn’t close it. I was 11 or 12.

For a long time after that I used IDEs because my teachers told use to it, and didn’t taught how to use compilers or what happens when I click on the button with green triangle. I started with TurboPascal, then Lazarus. At college we were taught in Netbeans IDE, something for VHDL and one or two IDE for MCUs.

I have nothing against IDEs in general. One thing I dislike about IDEs is they’re GUI based and it’s not easy to integrate new languages into it. Trying to integrate Scala into Netbeans wasn’t easy. I made it somehow work, but I wouldn’t trust that solution when new version of Scala would be released.

I switched between text editors a lot. Atom, Sublime, Nano, Emacs, TextWrangler, Xcode (it’s an IDE, I know) and couple of others. I consider myself a visual person, I think in various diagrams, and one of the requirements for text editor was parentheses highlighting and absolutely not parentheses underlining. Netbeans has it. TextWrangler has it, sort of.

At the moment I’m testing “adult” version of TextWrangler BBedit. It may not be the editor I want to use, but it may be good enough editor until I’ll find the perfect one or until I’ll get mad enough to create one.

This post may have been about something other than code but I feel I had to write about the tools I use.