exercism, r/dailyprogrammer and others I haven’t found yet

This is one of those post I wanted to write for a long time, but I didn’t have enough information in my head to write it. At first I thought about writing a blog post about my weekend on exercism.io, but I didn’t wrote one. After finding, again, daily programmer on reddit it occurred to me that it might be a time to write this post.

Both daily programmer and exercism give a coder a task to solve and possibility of peer review. Both have pros and cons. What I think is exercism’s worst con is the automatic testing. I hate that since college when we had functional programs but due to formatting computer told us that we don’t have correct solution.

So as you can imagine that I wasn’t happy doing exercism’s tasks because of this reason. It was almost same as in school except this time wasn’t fighting the formatting the output but the code itself. I know I wasn’t alone in this because there are stackoverflow threads about it[ref]I did the JavaScript tasks and some tasks required knowing quite deep knowledge of the language.[/ref]. So I fought the system and after four tasks I resigned at least until delving deeper in to JavaScript.

r/dailyprogrammer has no such thing as automatic testing. But it tells you how input and output look like, and one can post their solution for others. It’s not language dependent, so everyone solves same task unlike with exercism. The problems are more interesting too. So at the moment I’ll stick for some time there doing Easy and Intermediate problems and posting my solutions on there and on github.