Don’t stop creating

This is more of note to myself because I stopped writing when I decided to leave WordPress and started working on SlothCMS.

When I stopped writing I reasoned that I don’t want write as much because it’ll complicate the migration process. Unfortunately SlothCMS development doesn’t go as smoothly as was expected and now I am a bit out of rhythm. It’ll get better with time.

Similar thing is with my drawing skills, I’d love to have a space to post what I create without adjusting current WordPress setup. There might be social networks like Instagram but my preference is to avoid any Facebook related service for privacy reasons. And DeviantArt doesn’t feel like a place where I belong at the moment.

Not having a great outlet to post stuff is not a reason not to write. It’s a reason to get better so you are ready for the moment when great outlet is available.

Creating and not having a place to show your creations is not a reason to stop creating. It’s a reason to create more and possibly to become an overnight success in couple of years.