Dear Data #5: blogging analysis

Last 13 months I was recovering from a surgery and since that has left me exhausted I chose to analyze data that I already have, blog posts from that time.

The analysis starts from beginning of September 2017 when I underwent the surgery and last day is September 30, 2018. Some of the posts were about more than one topic and links posts were counted only once.

During that time only 7 blog posts were stuck as drafts.

I was able to publish 21 “weekly” links posts and 21 posts touched the topic “development”. For a professional blog there were a lot of posts in category “personal”, 13. Eight of them touched the topic “design”.

Four were in categories of “Dear Data” and “WordPress”. Three were categorized as “business”.

Two were about writing. Python, Data visualization (excluding Dear Data), animation and illustration were talked about in one posts each.