Dear Data #1: Week of being off the Timeline

Part of the Week Off Twitter data visualization

Despite opting out of n-day challenges, I am in need of data collection practice. So first week is about trying to avoid Twitter and thinking about it.


On Saturday afternoon, day before the data collection started, I decided to leave Twitter at least for some time. This is the presentation of the data that I collected. Hardest part of the data collection was not thinking about Twitter, collecting the data about my thoughts around Twitter and not being reminded by a yellow notebook. So to a certain degree the data collected during this week are inaccurate and until mind reading machine is invented there’s no way to collect this type of data accurately.

During Sunday I found a lot of energy since I wasn’t tethered to Twitter as I usually was, so I started cleaning opened tabs across my browsers, since there were couple Twitter threads opened I marked them with red circles.

On Monday I was at work and because the product I am working is connected to Twitter I visited it couple of times and naturally thought about it. Also I did check if my IFTTT trigger is working as it should.

On Tuesday I almost did it, except for one betrayal from local news site which quoted a tweet but thanks to my privacy protections I didn’t see a picture. I wanted to see the picture.

On Wednesday I was able to avoid going to the site but thought about it a lot because like it or not Twitter is now part of the system and there’s little chance to avoid it completely.

Thursday was quite similar to Tuesday.

On Friday I thought about being off Twitter a lot even though I checked it three times and once I was able to stop myself before going there.

Saturday was the day when I knew that I don’t need to be on Twitter as much as I used. In the past Twitter was very important but now it’s no longer my main source of information and when Twitter goes away I’ll be ready.

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