Day 8 – Time

Dana Fried’s tweet about resources that every human has has been on my mind a lot lately. Especially because it goes against logic that plenty of entrepreneurs spout. Time is not as valuable as one may think.

Time is a weird thing. On one hand we have limited time and on the other every morning it replenishes. Every single rotation we have approximately the same amount of time to use, it won’t go anywhere at the beginning of the day but it will slowly expire throughout the whole day. Time doesn’t care about us, humans, and our methods of dividing it.

Second resource that humans have is emotional energy. It’s way more important than having time because compared to time you may or may not have a lot of emotional energy left when you wake up in the morning. In my case as someone who has invisible disabilities emotional energy does fluctuate between days and there are days when I am forced to use screen reader1 which makes me feel like a failure2 so my ability to deal with things that affect emotions is lowered compared to passing as “normal” kind of day.

It takes time to recover emotional energy and sometimes other things too. So as you can see time is less valuable because you can have whole day but when you are emotionally drained, time of that day will expire and nothing gets done.

Give a flying flamingo3 is the third resource. As a developer there have been days when I didn’t have emotional energy to deal with things and wanted to make good stuff for people, I cared enough. That stack of flying flamingos was something that made me go, I cared about people using my creations enough to not quit4. Stack of flying flamingos is like a deep well, one can get and spend them as they see fit, occasionally the well gets refilled. Unfortunately when the stack is empty and there are no flying flamingos left, it’s all over. It’s very hard if not impossible for one to care enough again after stopping to care.

  1. I am also out of practice in that area
  2. It shouldn’t
  3. Thanks to John Bercow for giving us PG alternatives to swear words
  4. Meg, if you are reading this, it’s not the case. I felt the need to choose between back- and front-end because I didn’t feel I could do both on same level.