Day 5 – Expectations and failure

Both SlothCMS and Blogvember 2019 are projects where I experienced failures. In case of the latter the lastest failure happened yesterday.

Starting projects that I know I can finish is a bit boring. There’s no challenge if I know that I can finish what I’ve started. Sometimes one has to start a project knowing that they will fail or will experience setbacks often.

SlothCMS is such project because when I started it I was fully aware that I never finished project of similar scope and when it comes to knowledge required to do at least half of the features, I had gaps. I still have knowledge gaps and that is part of working on projects that have to fail.

As for the n-day challenges, I can’t do them. They drain energy, consume a lot of time and mental power because they are on one’s mind all the time. So when it was the time to choose if I want to do this year’s Blogvember came, I knew that at the end of the month there will not be 30 blog posts published. Yet I started it anyway.

The goal for both SlothCMS and Blogvember was the same. You’ll fail, so learn to get up after every time you fall down. There are times failure is just an unmet expectation.