Day 2 – Rest

Second day, second post, this one is more personal and still follows my professional life’s guidelines. Today I feel compelled to write about resting because one either can choose to rest or is forced to rest.

As a developer and as an artist I feel the pressure to create every day. Unfortunately that doesn’t work in the long run because having a day job can be demanding and stressful on it’s own, doing art and having a day job is even harder. Although it’s perfectly fine to do coding only during the day job, I cannot not code during off-hours because I’ve been on a project where people followed a cult leader and didn’t notice or care that others using same base technologies were going in completely different direction and I don’t want to repeat that again1.

As for the artist part, we live in weird times. On one hand people who don’t go to galleries and art exhibitions can access our art on their phones in their homes. On the other hand art has become an easily accessible entertainment which puts more pressure on artists to create a lot and often. The second part makes me frequently stressed and paralyzed because I can’t create as often as I wish and because I don’t create I am not improving which leads to frustration.

So with all that pressure it’s easy to forget that we are humans and as humans we need to respect our bodies. They need to rest, our brains need to change topic from time to time. So when I edit this I’ll go get my beauty sleep.

Take care of yourselves.

  1. During that time I was seriously considering changing careers to accounting