Couple of thoughts on Angular2

Person with flaming hair is thinking what to do with angular2

It has been more than four months since I began walking around Angular2 and React. I later stopped experimenting with React because I found a job which required Angular2. Anyway I feel that it’s time to reflect on things because this week there should be Angular3 beta.0 release.

I have several conflicting feelings about Angular as a whole. The main negative feeling is astability. The Angular2 environment or anything which deals with it is not stable. It’ll change quite radically in the future and every six months things will break. For apps which will be released now and no one will care by the end of 2017 that’s fine. But trying to build around Angular2 a front-end strategy is folly without a living standards how to develop apps.

But after checking React’s release dates there is a possibility that currently there’s this weird notion that nothing should be build to last. Unfortunately Java on the front-end doesn’t work as some wish.

When I ignore the release cycle madness I can look into docs in TypeScript. But I want to from time to time work with JavaScript, why is there an option to read the empty documentation in JavaScript anyway. And the Typescript part is quite weird and sometimes confusing too.

I really like the fact that I can use templating system. But at the same time I hate the limitations of it and no nice workaround. Everywhere I go I read that I shouldn’t touch the DOM and that most things I can do without ever looking at it. But sometimes I need to and want to manipulate the DOM. DOM has been with us for a very long time and hopefully it’ll stay for a very long time because frameworks like Angular2 have limitations. It’s not a wise decision to throwaway all that knowledge, it’s quite shortsighted.

At the end of the day Angular2 is going to stay here for some time but I cannot recommend it for bigger projects which could last longer than one year. At end of the day I believe it’s just overhyped piece of tech which will be, hopefully, replaced.