Continuous side projects

Continuous side projects are hard to maintain, especially those which require constant updating, not just when someone finds a bug. At the moment I am doing three of those. One, webcomic, I started almost three years ago and there were gaps when I have published nothing for months, and two, Accessible Airlines and my YouTube channel, which I started recently.

There is one thing which I learned is very important and that’s routine. Consistency be damned. The reason why I say this is because if you get used to drawing a comic strip every Monday and Thursday it’ll be better than not doing it at all. You’ll feel a weird itch to do it even though your dysgraphia and dyspraxia will tell you that you can draw a straight line today.

And you might not be able to. That’s fine. It’s more important to sit down and do it than to postpone it. Because if you postpone it to the next week then you’ll ask yourself why not one more week, than yet another and another. And before you know it a month has passed without an update.

I may sound counter intuitive because everyone talks that they should be consistently great which is impossible. You can get better and faster if you practice your skills and muscle memory. Consistent quality will follow in time, not immediately.

Am I great at my comic? No, but if I’ll keep doing it routinely I will be. Now I have to scratch Accessible Airline itch.