Commoditization of the web

Packages exiting big machine and going away on a line

For a long time I have lived with the idea that commoditization of the web is a bad thing because every web site would look the same and most likely inaccessible. But after a lot of time I have changed my mind.

The reason why I changed my mind was realization that web has changed. There will always be people and companies who want to have a unique web site. But plenty of companies are fine with having a cheap static website because they don’t have enough time to write for blog.

Couple of months ago I made a website for a plumber. He is a small business owner who lives in English speaking country but English is his second language. This type of person won’t write his own blog because his English isn’t perfect and most likely won’t be able to find the time to write.

At that time I wasn’t happy with this job but as another business owner I needed the money.

Couple of months later I revisited my priorities and values. What I realized was that my expectations and reality didn’t match. I always wanted to serve other small businesses but I had a different idea about what they wanted and needed.

If I compare myself to auto industry I tried to sell Bugatti to a middle-class person. Web site industry is comparable to car industry. And there should be no shame to think about it that way.

During this week I am going to rework my website a little bit and from next week I’ll start offering pre-made templates. I’ll consider also reselling web hosting.