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I am a developer, not a UI designer

For some time I tried to be a web unicorn, combination of a developer and a designer, but it’s time to end those efforts. Not because it’s too hard, I like the difficulty of it but because I am not willing to put the time and effort to become a great UI designer.

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Skills planning

In the earlier post I have written about learning Laravel framework. It is a part of bigger and bolder strategy to develop my skills in order to become a better front-end developer. In time I plan to learn about continuous integration and continuous delivery.


So after a month in Czech republic I have a roof over my head. There’s no more thinking “Where I’ll sleep next week?” or “Did I book a seat on a correct train?”. As I am writing this I am enjoying the fact that tomorrow I don’t have to wake up at 4am, get ready… Continue reading

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I wrote on Reddit in one of the support groups for adult children of abusive and/or neglectful parents that I never feel that I know enough. It took me a long time to overcome this feeling to be able to proudly say that I know more than enough of CSS and HTML to start my… Continue reading