Meta side projects

Master ring

For a long time I have let my side projects grow organically and a lot of times it didn’t do them any good. Debugging existing site through developer tools and then adding custom styles in the WordPress editor to the end of CSS file is a hole from which a theme will never  properly recover. There has to be a better way, meta side project to create front-end style guides for all of them. Continue reading “Meta side projects”

Using technology before it’s ready

Windmills on a autumn field

Like any WordPress geek these days I am excited about WP REST API and want to use it as soon as possible, preferably sooner. Unfortunately there is a limit to what I can use at the moment and not everything is perfect. Like those windmills, slow and steady approach may be better. Continue reading “Using technology before it’s ready”

Booking and availability plugins for WordPress

photo of paper calendar

While I am redesigning my professional website I am thinking if I should display availability. And if so should I use some plug-in or if it would be better to create my own plug-in for that. At the beginning I have gathered couple of plug-ins which are free and available from WordPress’s plug-in directory.

  1. 8 Degree Availability Calendar

8 degree availability calendar screenschot

For my current problem almost an ideal solution. It has friendly administration which is ideal for professionals who book whole days for tasks and it also automatically makes unavailable past dates. The only down side are only two layouts.

  1. Bookly lite


Bookly calendar

Bookly is a plugin mostly for booking a property or an appointment. The administration is appropriately complex. Some functions like payment are only available in full version.

  1. Booking Calendar WpDevArt

Booking calendar calendar

Booking calendar is a plugin which I almost chose to use because because of the description below the calendar and because it has somewhat neutral design. Also the administration is not that bad, I’d call it a decent because it took me a bit longer to figure out how it works.

  1. WP Simple Booking Calendar & WP Booking System

Calendar Screenshot

I am bundling these two plug-ins together because it took me a while to tell them apart. When you enter their administration interface you’ll notice that their pro versions have different prices but after that there are even smaller differences. The main reason why I don’t like them is because they don’t disable past and show availability in where there should be none by default.


For my current needs 8 Degree Availability Calendar is the best but I will change the CSS to better fit with my new design. Because it’s the one which is easiest to use and is accessible for colorblind people. It might break in the future if the authors don’t update but that’s something I am willing to risk at the moment.