How I made Winter solstice animation

Dark blue sky, moon in the top right corner

With redesign I chose to make a space for an animation between the menu and the actual content. It’s always an SVG animation, so nothing which would cause huge data transfers, current one is 4KB big. I am close to paganism so Winter solstice is more important event to me than Christmas, so I made animation which represents it. Continue reading “How I made Winter solstice animation”

Experiments: Namespaces in CSS

SVG and HTML boxes with tags

Namespaces are a bit obscure feature in CSS but it is a feature which can come handy when you want to embed SVGs or other XML documents into HTML code. Even though it is not necessary to use namespaces in CSS and simply add styles into the XML mark up, it is definitely a good option when you want to disentangle CSS and markup.

Continue reading “Experiments: Namespaces in CSS”

Experiments: Animating SVGs with CSS

Play button and stopwatch

It has been some time since I updated a theme of this WordPress blog, almost a year. Since then a lot of things on the web has changed. But this post is about one small change that I am planning to make and that’s animating at least one of the SVGs on the home page. The logo has one animation already, so this time I’ll animate slightly redesigned header of the Code section. Continue reading “Experiments: Animating SVGs with CSS”