Interesting things from the web – Week 51 of 2017

50 purple boxes, one orange and one turqoise

So it’s last week before the madness called Christmas ends. I am at the moment busy with job interviews, answering recruiters and planning interviews around my work day. It’s complicated especially when someone wants to talk to me over the phone for a bit longer unannounced.

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How I made Winter solstice animation

Dark blue sky, moon in the top right corner

With redesign I chose to make a space for an animation between the menu and the actual content. It’s always an SVG animation, so nothing which would cause huge data transfers, current one is 4KB big. I am close to paganism so Winter solstice is more important event to me than Christmas, so I made animation which represents it. Continue reading “How I made Winter solstice animation”

Interesting things from the web – Week 47 of 2017

46 purple boxes, one orange box, five turquoise boxes

I am dealing with a burnout at the moment because 2017 work-wise sucks for me. But I needed a surgery and for that I had to stay somewhere for a longer time. In two weeks I’ll be almost fully cleared for travel, not to Australia but I could visit my dad in Canada. Continue reading “Interesting things from the web – Week 47 of 2017”