Books read in October (2019)

As bookworm it’s been a struggle to write reviews. As my journey as a bullet journal tracker progresses writing one post at the beginning of the month feels right.

Jak na sítě

First book of this month is written in Czech language and its topic revolves around marketing and social networks. Both authors gave it their best and the text is accessible and easy to read, very little jargon although readers are expected to remember couple of abbreviations later in the book. Thanks to this book I am now aware how much information social networks open to paying customers, it’s a lot and in case you haven’t been interested in privacy it can feel scary, especially when you can see the implications.

One thing that was completely negative, was a small “joke” about suicide in part where authors explained what is hashtag. I hope that it’s a bad timing to release book about social media with such joke days before World Mental Health Day.

The People vs Tech

Second book that I’ve finished last month did not meet my expectations. The topic of how technology affects is very important to me. Unfortunately this book is not well researched and at times author lacks technical knowledge to understand contemporary problems.

Sketching from the Imagination: An Insight into Creative Drawing

This book I’ve enjoyed a lot. It is an anthology of short interviews and examples of sketches from various artists, some from traditional backgrounds, others are artists with full time jobs. This book motivates me to create more art because most people featured in it are men and world needs non-men’s voices.

The Functional Art

Data visualization is something that I want to get into for some time and this felt like a good entry book. The author impressed me with clear explanations of how visualizing data works including how we, humans, perceive things. What surprised me was that the author wrote probably the best explainer of the Gestalt principles that I’ve encountered so far. When I am finished with my current stack of books I will definitely look for Alberto Cairo’s other books on Data Visualizations.

The Complete Maus

With current political climate, it’s important to remember the past. Maus is a comic book about events during the Holocaust.