Book review: Keep Going

Two trees in inner block of houses

Austin Kleon has published another short book with a lot of hand-drawn doodles and blacked out newspapers. The timing of the release was from my point of view impeccable.

Austin Kleon’s previous books Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work! are visible around my workspace even though I don’t read in them as often as I’d like. So naturally my curiosity was piqued when his new book Keep Going appeared in recommended books.

First of all, after two years of #45 presidency, realizing how widespread White supremacy is and extremists of every religion who go against the very principles of their religions, guide how to keep going is needed for some of us. So as I already said the timing is perfect.

Second Austin Kleon is a great salesman. He starts his book to remind us that the most productive days are the mundane ones when we don’t have much choice than to do what we’ve already scheduled.

Next he proposes to disconnect from the quickly revolving world just for us to remind ourselves that what matters are not the people who we are trying to impress. What matters are people around us and what we do with our lives and to that we should give extra attention because both deserve it.

In the end Austin proposes that we might not really understand time. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go watch trees grow.

Also read the book.Two trees in inner block of houses