Book review: Art Inc.

Art Inc. thumbnail

As my career path is heading to interesting places, I came across Lisa Congdon’s book Art Inc. which deals with basics of art career.

If you allow me one complaint at the beginning, it’s the only one, I promise. The book is printed mostly in sans serif font and I do not belong to the subset of Dyslexics who can read sans serifs easily.

Now to the things that are awesome. The writing artist starts with an assumption that the reader might have a dream to be an artist one day. So she builds courage of those who are still afraid or unsure to call themselves Artist.

Lisa Congdon then goes on explaining the less glamorous parts of having art as a career from business models to self-promotion to working with galleries and other entities to giving tips to manage uncertainty. My most favorite parts of the book are short interviews with other successful artists because they show that quite a few didn’t start at art school, which would be my case if I choose to become an artist by career.

Verdict: I’ll definitely keep this book close because some things are applicable even outside of art world.

Link to Art Inc. on Lisa Congdon’s website