Days 10,11 – Disabled

The word Disabled with capitalized ‘D’ is what got me into Front-end development. It got me a career because of my frustration with Front-end developers who had no qualms about leaving people who need to use assistive technology behind. Unfortunately being surrounded by abled people all the time made me hide even more my invisible disabilities.

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Day 1 – Analyze or remain stuck

I can’t believe I am doing this. It’s been a while since my last try to do n-days long challenge hoping that this time will be different. Anyway I have a side project which needs to be finished and my stubbornness prevents me from abandoning it (SlothCMS was killed and resurrected several times in the last year and a half.), so this series of posts will serve as debriefing and lesson learned. (It’s only November thing, I promise.)

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