Drawn road

Straight road isn’t my road

Quite a large number of people around me described their road to Front-End Development quite straightforwardly and it makes me feel a lot of times inadequate. Mostly because I’ve been all over the place before I chose to commit to Front-End.

What makes me tick?

After seven months at a job I am ready for some soul searching because this is the first time working in enterprise environment. Let’s be clear, money isn’t my main motivator although getting paid what I am worth is important. This post is about the work itself. (Disclaimer: This is not a critique of my… Continue reading

Pencil and brush inside the curly brackets

I am a developer, not a UI designer

For some time I tried to be a web unicorn, combination of a developer and a designer, but it’s time to end those efforts. Not because it’s too hard, I like the difficulty of it but because I am not willing to put the time and effort to become a great UI designer.

Three arrows pointing to different directions

Skills planning

In the earlier post I have written about learning Laravel framework. It is a part of bigger and bolder strategy to develop my skills in order to become a better front-end developer. In time I plan to learn about continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Master ring

Meta side projects

For a long time I have let my side projects grow organically and a lot of times it didn’t do them any good. Debugging existing site through developer tools and then adding custom styles in the WordPress editor to the end of CSS file is a hole from which a theme will never  properly recover…. Continue reading