Better done than perfect

Good and perfect progressbars

In last couple of days I had to change my decisions about what to posts, so the last two posts were last minute ideas. In perfect world I would write one post about CSS Regions and at least one post about single page applications and accessibility.

Unfortunately I don’t live in vacuum and events that unraveled over the weekend, recovering from burnout and things that are happening at my day job prevented me from having the ability to focus on a lot of things. I probably could’ve written both posts but the quality would be much lower than I want, it would be less than good.

So, what now? My goal to write and publish something on my blog every work day until at least the end of the year hasn’t changed. I picked two topics which I thought that I could do. The first one¬†out of therapeutic reasons because a lot of times when I am around men all the *bleep* time I just want to scream how did we come from women-dominated field to male-dominated one.

The second topic about units in CSS I thought that it would be doable short to medium length blog post. It wasn’t but that’s good. There are many different units in CSS and I enjoyed reading the standard, refreshing my memory and writing about them. Unfortunately I am not good long form writer because I hate reading long form posts on screens, 700 words is maximum for me after that I usually read the post in two or more sessions. So when I was between 500 and 600 words I called it done.

It’s not perfect to split a post into two parts but it’s good enough and it accomplishes my original goal. (As well as it helps create two habits, writing daily and generating ideas).