Being allowed to suck at things

This is apparently an annual post about not being good enough in your own eyes.

After a year of painful daily post-surgery care and seven months of being full-stack I am starting to get back to things that I liked in the past and was good at them. Unfortunately for me those things, mainly drawing and some parts of front-end, don’t come back as easily as I wish. Simply put I suck at them right now and that’s ok.

There is no rational reason to beat oneself up for sucking at drawing or anything else when one didn’t do it for a long time. Drawing, coding, writing are just skills which get better with practice and deteriorate when one doesn’t practice. It’s really ok to suck at something one didn’t do for a long time because one had other priorities in life.

This is has been a PSA. Please, don’t beat yourself up when you suck at new skill or at the one you haven’t practiced for a long time. It’s ok.