Accessible Airlines, part 3 – Content changes everything

There is one thing that’s king on the internet, content. Or in case of this side project it’s the one ring who rules everything. As I was writing in the last post about design decisions when creating a data format to store the data. At that time I was sure that I created quite robust base.

I was wrong, somewhat. First as a dyslexic person I made couple of typing errors which propagated through two other XML files. So I will be fixing that. Second which I am still not sure if it is right or wrong are subsections. My current thought is to use different font styles, I would have chosen a different weight but between bold and bolder italic version sounds good. Not to mention that another version of a typeface would make the page heavier.

Two tables with sample information next to each other

My first thought was to put the data into tables. In this case I think it is a good place for <table> element. And let those tables fit on the page with the help of flexbox. If and when I have time I might consider trying an experimental feature, CSS Grids.

I am still thinking about using a Pinterest effect on those tables because they have different heights but my experience tells me that even though  it might look nice, from usability point of view it probably would cause confusion.

The basic version of Accessible Airlines is almost ready. When I say almost I have to fix two XML files and tweak CSS before I can deploy it. Hopefully I will do it before the end of April.