Accessible Airlines, part 1 – Back-end decisions

Accessible Airlines is my side project which I started couple of weeks ago after I encountered a phone wall. As a semi-verbal person this is a problem which I was unable to solve through conventional means. Accessible Airlines’ goal is to put accessibility information from number of airlines to one place and to compare them.

Back-end brainstorming

This is a crucial part because my choice of back-end will have my ability to keep up with the latest accessibility practices. At first I thought that it would wisest to choose one of existing CMSs just in case I decided one day abandon this side project. The main pro for CMS would be ease for the person who enters the data, may be.

I say ‘may be’ because I would have to create enough WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. plugin for proper data entry. Even though it sounds great it would take me couple of weeks, probably months, before releasing the alpha version. So general CMSs are out of question.

Custom CMS pose another question. Should I use a framework or not? I admit that it would be nice to have CMS but being out of PHP world for so long and not knowing current trends makes me want to steer away from frameworks. So I went without.

After a while I dropped the idea of writing a CMS altogether because I am building a prototype and CMS would only delay everything. JSON and stuff sound great but if I can use XML template with enough verbosity I can do what I need for now.

When there will be time for a CMS it’ll be quite easy to switch to text inputs on the form.

The only reason why I started with service animals is that I love dogs. I can reorder everything programmatically when I add other information.

Next post about Accessible Airlines will be about graphical design choices I made along the way.