2018 Liberations

Two short pieces of chains

I didn’t want to write this post but here I am because there are things which I would love liberate myself from.

Posting more often than my mental health allows

Several times in the past I have scheduled blog posts that I haven’t finished yet just to put myself under the pressure to write them. Today it happened again although posting an empty article with predictions about 2018 is probably the most precise article I could’ve written.

No more. From now on I am writing only my notes about things I find interesting every week and occasionally a regular article. Writing regularly takes a lot from one person who works full time, some times its at least half of full time positions and even though I love coding and design I am not a machine. I need my down time.

Crappy living conditions

At the moment I don’t live at a place which I would consider semi-permanent even though I live here for more than a year. It’s just a room and because of depression from work and recovery from surgery I didn’t look for something else. 2018 will be different.

(Note to myself: Places I don’t call home is a 2019 liberation)

Jobs that make my mental health suffer

Last year I was on three projects, two of them made my mental health suffer a lot in different ways. I won’t repeat that again, it’s not worth the money or the “experience”.

These three Liberations are quite enough. None of them will be easy to achieve but I believe that I can do them in 2018.