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It’s about ethics in tech

Scales between problem and conscience

Gods, I hate GamerGaters with passion but I couldn’t figure out better headline because I want to talk about ethics and morals in tech. And I don’t just mean gambling, spyware and black hat hacking. Actually I want to rant about surveillance and user tracking and being asked to be complicit in undermining human rights in… Continue reading

Current front-end dev stack isn’t complicated

Please, don’t throw stones at me. The current state of our dev stack isn’t complicated, in fact it is still simple compared to other parts of software development.

Straight road isn’t my road

Drawn road

Quite a large number of people around me described their road to Front-End Development quite straightforwardly and it makes me feel a lot of times inadequate. Mostly because I’ve been all over the place before I chose to commit to Front-End.

What makes me tick?

After seven months at a job I am ready for some soul searching because this is the first time working in enterprise environment. Let’s be clear, money isn’t my main motivator although getting paid what I am worth is important. This post is about the work itself. (Disclaimer: This is not a critique of my… Continue reading

Starting with Laravel #2 – Choosing battles

Knitting needles and crochet hook on a blue shield

At first I foolishly thought that setting up nginx and PHP would be easy. But I am a cross between an artist and a developer, not an operations engineer. And therefore I switched back to default Apache server. Also I have different opinions about the front-end side of the things.

Network Information API

Arrows up and down, wifi sign, accelerometer

If you have been around me for a while you might have noticed that I am a huge fan of Network Information API. I fell in love with it because I used to travel a lot, even before the Crazy year of 2016. On trains there isn’t usually fast internet and there are places where… Continue reading

Starting with Laravel #1 – Setting up dev environment

Server on cloud saying "Hi! I am your imaginary friend"

As I have written in a post about my skills I wanted to try a PHP framework after a while, other than WordPress which I haven’t seen since I started working at my day job. My poison of choice in this case is framework called Laravel. There was no special reason I just read about… Continue reading

Skills planning March 2017

Three arrows pointing to different directions

It has been a month since I made first skill set map and after just a month it needs an update. It’s not complete because it’s optimized for my day job and not anything else. In April it’ll contain also natural language skills, drawing skills and some business skills.

I am a developer, not a UI designer

Pencil and brush inside the curly brackets

For some time I tried to be a web unicorn, combination of a developer and a designer, but it’s time to end those efforts. Not because it’s too hard, I like the difficulty of it but because I am not willing to put the time and effort to become a great UI designer.

Skills planning

Three arrows pointing to different directions

In the earlier post I have written about learning Laravel framework. It is a part of bigger and bolder strategy to develop my skills in order to become a better front-end developer. In time I plan to learn about continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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    I am a front-end developer by day and illustrator and comic artist by night. In other words TypeScript is my breakfast and lunch and I don't want to eat it for dinner. For dinner I make illustrations.

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